[Sls-slp] The Proposed NGSLP Spacecraft ID Use Field

Kazz, Greg J (312G) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 19 17:27:32 UTC 2014

Dear SLP WG,

Yet another question for you!

The proposed NGSLP frame format has a  SPACECRAFT ID USE FIELD field that would identify  mission phase in which the data contained in the transfer frame was generated. This proposed field is 2 bits long.  This field is not going to change after launch so:   Is this field necessary?  Or should ground data services provide an other method (e.g., SFDU header) to identify when the data was generated?   Any Comments?
Rationale for inclusion of the field:
Currently missions request multiple SCID assignments to uniquely identify the environment in which the data was generated.  This practice reduces the number of SCIDs that are available to CCSDS member agencies.  Moreover the SANA spacecraft ID registry is very limited: The number of possible SCIDs by Transfer Frame Version Number are: 1024 Version 1, 256 Version 2, 1024 Version 3 IDs. The Spacecraft ID Use Field provides a mission  unique Spacecraft ID applicable for all pre and post launch phases while self-identifying the phase in which the data was generated.  Three of the four values of this field (“00”, “01”, “10”) are mission defined. The fourth value, ‘11’ is reserved for post launch data.


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