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Dear SLP and NGU members:

Please register for the Spring 2013 CCSDS meetings in Bordeaux, FR below.

Best regards,

Chairman CCSDS SLP and NGU WGs

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Subject: [Ccsds-all] Registration is Open for the CCSDS Spring 2013 Meeting in Bordeaux


As announced earlier, the next CCSDS technical meetings will be held from 15-18 April 2013 in Bordeaux, France. The host for these meetings is the French Space Agency (CNES) and they have secured meeting space at the Aerocampus Aquitaine in Latresne, just outside of the Bordeaux city center.

For details and to register, visit http://public.ccsds.org/meetings/2013Spring/default.aspx. Maps, hotels and other info are available at the website.

Aerocampus Aquitaine has very few sleeping rooms for those who wish to stay on-site, in walking distance, instead of in local towns, requiring transportation. Photos of on-site accommodations are on the CCSDS website, and the cost is only 48 Euros per night, including breakfast. These will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. However, please consider that some attendees will need to be on-site because of inability to use rental cars or difficulty with public transportation.  If you are very comfortable using such transportation, please consider staying elsewhere so that priority can be given to attendees who need to be within walking distance.  When these few rooms are all occupied, that notice will be posted on the CCSDS website.

There are many other hotels in nearby Latresne or Bordeaux, and some recommendations are on the CCSDS website link above.

As always, registration to attend is required, but there are no fees.  Registration will close on Monday, 8 April 2013, one week before the start of the technical meetings.

There is a new feature for the Registration System and the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) this time.  You will need to fill out some information to register your “profile”, and this will be retained to make it easier for you to register in the future.

Because Visa letters were distributed at the last meeting for the upcoming meeting, all attendees that require any should already have your Visa letters.  If you do not, contact the Secretariat immediately so they can be provided.

Also, as always, dress for the Technical Plenary meeting is Business Casual.


The Fall 2013 Technical Plenary meeting will be hosted by NASA and held at NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC) in Mountain View, California (near San Francisco).  The meeting will be held during the week of October 28, 2013.  More info will be distributed as it becomes available.

At the Spring meeting in Bordeaux, we will be distributing the Visa letters that will be needed for the Fall meeting at ARC.  If you received one for the Spring meeting, we will generate that for the Fall meeting and bring it automatically.  If you did not receive one for the Spring meeting and you need one to attend the Fall meeting, please tell the Secretariat (Secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org<mailto:Secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org>) so that we can bring one to you in Bordeaux or mail it to you.  We are working hard to ensure that you do not have Visa problems because of receiving the Visa Letter of Invitation too late.

Nick Tongson
For the Secretariat of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA)
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Suite 500
Reston, VA 20191
Tel: +1-703-264-7515
Fax: +1-703-264-7551

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