[Sls-slp] Updated Proposed "Security Sections" added now to AOS and TC as well

Kazz, Greg J (313B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Aug 15 19:48:02 UTC 2012

Dear SLP (and SDLS) WGs:

As I mentioned in my last email to you on Aug 8, I have now gone ahead and made the following proposed changes to AOS and TC, as I previously proposed and made to TM.

My last message said:

The 3rd word document is more SLP centric but is provided to you for your review as well. It is an updated version of the TM Space Data Link Blue book that limits most of the SDLS based changes to the non-normative sections of the document (Chap2) and contains only minimial changes to the normative parts of the document while creating a new Chap 6 (SDLS requirements on TM). This replaces the first attempt of updating the TM book by SLP that proposed substantial changes in Chap 4 . If feedback is positive, SLP will continue and provide an update to TC and AOS in a similar fashion.

So now all three proposed updates to the SLP books are at this URL with the NEW__SECTION in the file names.


Again your comments are most welcome!

Best regards,

Greg Kazz
Chairman SLS-SLP WG Chairman
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