UC [Sls-slp] Updated Prox-1 Data Link Layer book Now Available

Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int
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thanks for your inputs. Note that the deadline for input papers expired 
one week ago. Additionally, we have an internal ESA problem since the 
EXOMARS team did not deliver any request for changes to us.
I propose the following way forward:

1) With priority one we discuss in Boulder the changes necessary to align 
the 3 books for a mission starting today so that we eliminate the many 
inconsistencies we found. This can be done by looking at the inputs 
delivered in time for the meeting. 3 clean and correct books can be 
delivered at the end of the meeting.
2) With a view to integrating comments requesting additional capabilities 
(inputs from you and Greg, delivered late), we could dedicate the time 
that remains from activity 1and maybe generate a new set of drafts that 
should remain in the WG. By the next meeting, we can work out the internal 
ESA problems and check that EXOMARS is approved as we know it today (if 
the Russians come on board by next January, we may need to add additional 
non CCSDS standard modes......)

Given that the new features in 2 require independent verification as for 
CCSDS rules, I would recommend that we go ahead with agency review of the 
documents resulting from 1. In two years from now, we may be able to 
submit the documents initiated in 2 for an add-on review. There are too 
many problems with the current books to delay delivering corrected 
versions. One idea would be not to do an agency review but to call this 
delivery a corrigendum. In this case, we can have only one agency review 
once the new capabilities have been properly added and verified.

Let's discuss it in Boulder so as to avoid too many emails .....

Regards, Enrico

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RE: UC [Sls-slp] Updated Prox-1 Data Link Layer book Now Available

Sorry for the delay?
I have now added a new document to the CWE ( http://tinyurl.com/3n9qx9r - 
same link as below) that contains the comments from UKSA on the P1 Data 
Link Layer. This has been done from the ExoMars lander point of view.
I have also added the document that has the proposed changes to the hail 
for Set V(R) ? which was presented in Berlin.
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Dear SLS-SLP members,
Please find a new draft review version of the Prox-1 Data Link Layer 
recommendation in: (filename: Prox1 Data Link Oct 14 2011 includes ESA)
There are a few ESA comments that are pending resolution. You can find 
these and NASA comments concerning them in the same URL with filename:
Comments to ESA on DLL Oct 18
Best regards,
Greg Kazz
Chairman SLS-SLP WG
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