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Same information as before but perhaps easier to read

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Since some have difficulties reading the inserted table, I am sending you the
full spreadsheet.
Note that only SLS (orange) should be considered. The schedules of other
areas are not up to date.
(See attached file: 06Feb09-draft-Spring09-RoomSchedule_jlg-rev1.xls)
I have reduced MHDC to four half-days upon request of Aaron. We have then a
spare 1/2 day slot on Saturday morning.

best regards

Jean-Luc Gerner
Tel: +31 71 565 4473
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             12/02/2009 17:49           SLS WG Chairs EV, Gilles Moury

                                        CCSDS Meetings scheduling - Colorado

dera all,

In my attempt to reconcile all the comments I received, I came with the
following plan.

Let me know if it is suitable to you.

Note: the RFM meeting will be held in May in JPL. However, given that most -
if not all - actors for the Orange Books will be in C.S., we will address the
RFM-related material on SCCC and DVB-S2 (together with the coding material),
as available, in an attempt of preparing the grounds for the RFM meeting.
For budgetary reasons, the 'authors' of SCCC will not be present at the JPL
meeting - but may be available as needed by telecon (to be confirmed), so,
the C.S. venue will be a good forum to resolve the difficult issues (if any!)
prior to the RFM meeting.

I will be in C.S. but will not be able to make it to the JPL meeting two
weeks later.

Best regards

Jean-Luc Gerner
Tel: +31 71 565 4473
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