[Sls-slp] CCSDS Link Layer needs to reference Encapsulation Service

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Feb 11 22:01:17 UTC 2008

SLS-SLP WG members,

Please take a look at the following proposal to update the CCSDS AOS 
Space Data Link protocol, TC Space Data Link Protocol, TM Space Data 
Link Protoco, and Proximity-1 Space Data link protocol with a 
normative reference to the CCSDS Encapsulation Service.

During restructuring of the CCSDS link layer documents, a placeholder 
was left in the AOS Space Data link protocol as a reminder that when 
the Encapsulation Service becomes a blue book, a normative reference 
to it needs to be documented. However, since the Encapsulation 
Service became blue in June 2006, a corresponding update to the Link 
Layer documents didn't occur. This was an oversight on our part, 
however, we can correct it at our upcoming meeting. So now I urgently 
ask you to review the proposed change in the word document attached, 
so that at our Spring meeting, we can create an expedited resolution 
to add these changes to those already proposed for adoption by the 
SLS area and CESG.

best regards,

Greg Kazz
SLS-SLP WG Chairman
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