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The attached pdf file contains the CMLP study report for your review and 
comment with respect to usage of CCSDS recommendations.

Please let me know if you have any comments before the due date of July 5.

best regards,

Greg Kazz

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>Dear SLS members,
>This CMLP report would deserve a brainstorming meeting to review the large
>amount of information it contains. I have noted with pleasure that it makes
>extensive reference to CCSDS in its pre-selections of modulations and codes.
>However I have noted some inconsistencies, e.g. some mods & codes said to be
>CCSDS-standard when they are not. Also I believe we should cross-check the
>frequency bands usage (though strictly speaking this is not a CCSDS
>business). Finally, the document confirms the apparent intention to go
>multiple access for some links (for TDRSS compatibility only or also for
>other reasons?). I have noted that for MA not only the TDRSS standard CDMA
>(direct sequence spread spectrum) mode is considered but also all other
>existing MA modes. Reason for that is unclear to me: new TDRSS-independent
>applications or new modes for TDRSS?
>I believe we should accomodate a 1/2-day time-slot at Fall CCSDS to this
>In the meantime, I propose that you review the document and send the comments
>to me, copy to all. I will generate a synthesis dossier of our comments.
>Please provide your inputs by July 5.
>Feel free to circulate the document among your WGs members.
>Thanks in advance
>Jean-Luc Gerner
>Tel: +31 71 565 4473
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>                                         [CCSDS-SPWG] June 2007 "NASA-CMLP"
>                                         Report
>CCSDS Area Directors and cognizant CCSDS Working Group Chairs:
>A agreed during our January meeting in Colorado Springs, please find the June
>2007 update to the "Coding, Modulation, and Link Protocol" (CMLP) study that
>is being conducted by the Systems Planning Working Group in NASA's SCaN
>office. To recap, this study is attempting to "cast a wide net" to identify
>all possible space modulation, coding and link protocols, from which a
>down-selection will later be made to identify those that are recommended for
>standardized use within in NASA's future space mission support
>This presentation - and some other interesting work - is now at the IOAG
>(totally) public website:
>RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE CMLP REPORT.   The IOAG meeting - where this will be
>discussed - starts next Monday afternoon.
>Best regards
>Adrian J. Hooke
>Chairman, CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG) and
>CCSDS Technical Liaison to the IOAG(See attached file: CMLP Study
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>SPWG at mailman.ccsds.org
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