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Susanna Spinsante s.spinsante at univpm.it
Tue Jul 31 10:45:03 UTC 2007

Dear All,
on behalf of the Telecommunication Group at the 
Polytechnic University of Marche (www.univpm.it)
I express our great interest in the activities of 
the proposed charter. More specifically, as you 
cite "technical research activities" among
the expected activities of the WG Members 
(, we would be interested in participating to the WG.
So I would like to know if it could be possible 
for us to enter the WG, if there are specific 
procedures to activate in order to enter the WG,
or if participation to the WG is reserved to selected members only.

Thanks for your kind attention and availability.
I am looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards,
Susanna Spinsante

At 13.38 25/07/2007, Chris.Taylor at esa.int wrote:

>Kevin, as you may know Patrick Plancke is away for the next month so he
>probably won't respond to any email. I think that the scope of work is well
>thought out but I wonder if you want to shoot only for Magenta books right
>from the beginning. I think you should keep the door open for Blue based on
>the initial work on the Green book. Once you have an agreed set of scenarios
>and have judged Agency interest you will be better placed to decide if Blue
>or Magenta is more appropriate,
>              Kevin Gifford
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>                                                                      Subject
>                                         [Sois-app] CCSDS SOIS Wireless WG
>                                         Proposed Charter for Review
>Dear CCSDS members and wireless-interested parties -
>Attached is the proposed charter for the CCSDS Spacecraft Onboard
>Interface Services, SOIS, Wireless Working Group (WWG).
>We are posting the proposed charter for a broader community review
>prior to submitting to the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group, CSEG,
>for ratification.
>The proposed Wireless Working Group realizes the breadth of application
>and technical issues (e.g., security, QoS) that wireless data transmission
>may impact.  We plan on working closely with established CCSDS Working
>Groups as we go forward in establishing recommendations for wireless
>communications in support of space activities.  To this end, we are
>requesting 10 minutes of your time to review, and comment on, the
>attached proposed charter.
>All critiques, comments, and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance
>for your time.
>Kevin Gifford
>Patrick Plancke, ESA, SOIS and Wireless BoF Chair
>Patrick Fink, NASA-JSC, Wireless BoF Co-Chair
>Phong Ngo, NASA-JSC
>Larry Foore, NASA-GRC
>George Studor, NASA-JSC
>Richard Barton, NASA-JSC(See attached file: WWG Proposed Charter v0.75.pdf)
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Ing. Susanna Spinsante, Ph.D.

Dipartimento di Elettronica, Intelligenza 
Artificiale e Telecomunicazioni (D.E.I.T.)
Università Politecnica delle Marche
via Brecce Bianche
I-60131 Ancona

Tel.: +39 071 2204894
Fax.: +39 071 2204835
e-mail: s.spinsante at univpm.it
Web: www.deit.univpm.it

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