[Sls-slp] Prox-1 GB Text for Inclusion

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 16 16:57:29 UTC 2006


You are correct.

You have a default case where the user has no data to send just directives 
or P-frames

But I left out PLCW/Status Report  in the original GB text that mimics the 
actual frame selection rules in the prox-1 data link blue book.

The GB text should read:

·        Select a frame from the MAC Queue
·        Select a PLCW or status report if a User_frame was selected last
·        Select an Expedited Frame
·        Select a Sequenced Controlled Frame from first the Sent Queue else 
from the sequence controlled queue[1]
·        Select a PLCW or status report  if a PLCW was selected last

[1] User_frames are sequence controlled frames either from the Sent Queue 
or the Sequence Controlled Queue

So the sender should always be able to send a status report if a PLCW could 
not be sent.

But please take a look at p 4-2 (Section in the current Prox-1 
data link BB to make sure you agree with the official frame selection rule 



At 06:55 AM 11/16/2006, you wrote:

>Perhaps I am missing something, but the phrase "Select a PLCW if a PLCW was
>selected last" raised a red flag for me.  Should it be something like
>"Select a PLCW if there are no frames ready" instead?
>Consider the situation where a non-User Frame is output and then there are
>no more Frames to send.  It will never be possible to send a PLCW
>unless/until a User Frame is sent!  (You can only send a PLCW if the
>previous choice was a PLCW or a User Frame)
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>Dear SLS-SLPers,
>Please review the attached text concerning the Prox-1 Frame Selection Rules
>and let me know if you have any comments concerning it. I would like to add
>this text to the Prox-1 GB to clarify the frame selection rules.
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