[Sls-slp] Fall CCSDS Meeting Schedule

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 15 16:38:07 UTC 2005


I've attached the current schedule of CCSDS meetings in Excel.

Preliminary Agendas:

- We have to deal with some RIDs against the AOS sequence count 
augmentation from JAXA
- Restructuring of Prox-1 Data Link Specification (adding Services like the 
other link layer books)
- Prox-1 GB

2) Prox-1 Build-2

Short term data rate stability requirement in the physical layer - may not 
require much if agreement is reached by all ahead of time

3) High Rate Uplink BOF

Develop a WG charter, including discussion of Scope and tasks

4) IP over CCSDS links BOF

Review of Concept/White paper

This list of agenda items is preliminary. Please let me know if you have 
anymore items to add.


Greg Kazz
Chairman CCSDS SLS-SLP, Prox-1 Build-2, IP over CCSDS BOF, High Rate Uplinkk BOF
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