[Sls-slp] Fwd: [SLS-CC] Spring meeting in Montreal: accommodation information

Greg J Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Apr 7 16:01:01 UTC 2004



>Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 15:02:02 +0200
>From: Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
>Subject: [SLS-CC] Spring meeting in Montreal: accommodation information
>To: SLS Channel Coding Working Groups <sls-cc at mailman.ccsds.org>
>Cc: Jean-Luc.Gerner at esa.int, "Greg J. Kazz" <Greg.J.Kazz at jpl.nasa.gov>,
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>  Gilles Moury <Gilles.Moury at cnes.fr>
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>Original-recipient: rfc822;Greg.J.Kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
>Please be informed that the block reservation for the Space Ops conference at
>the Omni Hotel has been extended to include all of May 10-26.
>The daily rate is 185$cdn.
>If you want to make a reservation with this hotel, go to following web 
>page and
>follow the instructions:
>Information about the hotel can be obtained at:
>            www.omnihotels.com/hotels/default.asp?h_id=53
>The cut-off date for this block reservation is currently
>            April 12
>Canadian Space Agency have requested that this be changed to a later date but
>they cannot guarantee anything.
>Therefore it is suggested that people make their reservations as soon as
>CSA facilities cannot accommodate all of the meetings so some of them will 
>to be held at the hotel. If more than 160 room-nights are reserved, the hotel
>will waive the rental fees for the meeting rooms.
>Best regards
>Gian Paolo

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