[SLS-OPT] ESA's comments on CNES O3K pink sheets

Nicolo Mazzali (external) Nicolo.Mazzali at esa.int
Tue Feb 16 16:08:34 UTC 2021

Dear All, 

In ESA we have spent some time to go through the O3K coding & sync 
proposal from CNES, and we find it very clear and comprehensive as it 
addresses the FEC coding, the channel interleaving, the VDR, and the 
framing in one single document.
We have reported our comments in the .doc file attached below: some are 
just clarifications, some others are meant to stimulate the discussion 
during the next meeting.

Kind regards, 

Modis for ESA - European Space Agency 

Nicolò Mazzali, PhD 
Communication Systems & Technologies Engineer 

Telecommunications Section (TEC-ESC) 
Radio Frequency Systems Division (TEC-ES)
Directorate of Technology, Engineering & Quality (D/TEC)

Keplerlaan 1, PO Box 299
NL-2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands
nicolo.mazzali at esa.int | www.esa.int
T +31 71 56 53215
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