[SLS-OPT] Yellow book template

Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 9 22:45:13 UTC 2021

As we discussed at the meeting today, the Optical Working Group needs to 
complete a Yellow Book documenting the compliance of two independent 
prototypes against the specification in the Pink Sheets we have 
developed for the O3K physical layer standard.

I have prepared a Yellow Book template for this purpose. This follows 
the format we used for the HPE standard. All mistakes are mine. I 
recommend double-checking the tables in the template against the actual 
wording in the final Pink Sheets we agreed to, which I also attach for 
your reference.


*Jon Hamkins*
Chief Technologist, Communications, Tracking, and Radar Division
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*JPL*   |   jpl.nasa.gov
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