[SLS-OPT] Updated Agenda: SLS-OPT Face-to-face meeting in Darmstadt

Amita.Shrestha at dlr.de Amita.Shrestha at dlr.de
Fri Oct 18 15:00:46 UTC 2019

Dear all,
I would like to inform you that O3K chapters (chapter 5 and 6) in addition to other required changes, have been added to the final version of the HPE Phy layer blue book, and the final draft is uploaded in ../CWE_Private/Meetings/2019/Fall 2019 - Darmstadt/. Please note that all changes made to final HPE book are in "track change" mode.
Kindly let me know if you have any comments/questions.
Thank you and looking forward to the Darmstadt meeting.
Best Regards,

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Dear Lena,

Thank you for providing the updated agenda for the face-to-face meeitng.

Concerning the ESA presentation on O3K Coding & Synchronization (Monday PM), I just uploaded to the shared folder a draft version of the presentation. Including Q&A, this is expected to consume around 1 hour of the schedule.

Furthermore, in order to explain in more detail ESA's proposal, we have also uploaded a draft document on how CCSDS 142.0-B-1 could potentially be modified in order to incorporate the SCCC-based O3K signaling.

Looking forward to the meeting next week.



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Dear SLS-OPT members,

We had to adjust the schedule and agenda of our upcoming face-to-face meeting to deconflict with other CCSDS working groups (see attached file). We apologize for any inconveniences this causes. We look forward to seeing everyone in Darmstadt in a couple of weeks.

Thank you,


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Lena Braatz

Lead Associate

Office 434-973-4453


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