[SLS-OPT] Updated Agenda: SLS-OPT Face-to-face meeting in Darmstadt

Dirk.Giggenbach at dlr.de Dirk.Giggenbach at dlr.de
Mon Oct 7 07:29:22 UTC 2019

Dear Lena,
Thanks for this update,
I wanted to add one presentation/discussion-point : "Power-Vectors and Receiver Modelling in O3K (DLR)". Maybe that fits well with the other topics on O3K on Monday-afternoon.

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Dear SLS-OPT members,

We had to adjust the schedule and agenda of our upcoming face-to-face meeting to deconflict with other CCSDS working groups (see attached file). We apologize for any inconveniences this causes. We look forward to seeing everyone in Darmstadt in a couple of weeks.

Thank you,

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Lena Braatz
Lead Associate
Office 434-973-4453

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