[SLS-OPT] HPE+O3K(Draft) Combined Physical layer book

Amita.Shrestha at dlr.de Amita.Shrestha at dlr.de
Wed Jun 12 05:53:20 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,
As discussed during our last telecon, please find attached the draft O3K physical layers chapters (5 &6) combined with latest uploaded HPE physical layer book (141x0r1revised-e). It is also uploaded in SLS-OPT/CWE_Private/Draft Documents/Blue Book_Optical Com O3K Physical Layer.
Kindly go through it, and if you have any comments /suggestions in those two chapters, please let me know.

In summary following changes to the  latest HPE book have been made:

1.      Chapter 5 & 6 added for O3K telemetry and beacons signal characterstics.

2.      In Managed parameter, a table similar to that of HPE has been added

3.      In Annex A PROFORMA tables similar to that of HPE have been added

4.      In chapter 1: some suggestions have been made in case the book shall contain both HPE and O3K. But some more updates might be required …. Tbd.

5.      In chapter 2: similar to chapter 1 – OSI layer block diagram is slightly changed – but tbd.

Thank you very much and looking forward to your valuable suggestions.
Best Regards,

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I put the HPE coding & sync layer and HPE phyiscal layer prototype test reports (Yellow Books) in CWE, under

SLS-OPT/CWE Private/Draft Documents/Blue Book Optical Comm HPE Coding and Synchronization
SLS-OPT/CWE Private/Draft Documents/Blue Book Optical Comm HPE Physical Layer

The prototype testing revealed two minor editorial oversights in the proposed HPE coding standard.  This is described in the coding Yellow Book.  There was also a request to reword the way the physical layer frequencies are described in the HPE physical layer book.  (The allowed frequencies are the same; only the wording has been changed.)  These updates have also been uploaded to the same folders in CWE.

If everything is in order, I would like to request at the April 16 VITS for consensus for the working group to issue a resolution to proceed with publication of the HPE Blue Books.

Jon Hamkins
Deputy Manager
332   |   Communications Architectures and Research Section
O 818-354-4764   |   M 626-658-6220

JPL   |   jpl.nasa.gov
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