[SLS-OPT] Formal ESA request to modify CCSDS SLS-OPT Meeting 15 March 2016 Agenda

Harald.Hauschildt at esa.int Harald.Hauschildt at esa.int
Tue Mar 15 09:13:27 UTC 2016

Dear SLS-OPT WG Members, dear SLS-OPT WG Chairs

with respect to the CCSDS SLS-OPT Meeting 15 March 2016 Agenda (see below 
as per invite)
please consider ESAs formal request to take off the agenda the first topic 
"ESA and NASA to discuss meeting with GP on path forward for working 

ESA will discuss the potential way forward, only after the official 
response by NASA on the ESA and DLR letter has been received.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,
Harald Hauschildt

Proposed Agenda, telecon, and webex info listed below.
CCSDS SLS-OPT Meeting March 2016 Agenda

?       ESA and NASA to discuss meeting with GP on path forward for 
working group
?       Review any major comments on green book on atmospheric 
characterization ? NICT
?       Present performance analysis of BPPM modulation format under 
fading (NASA)
?       Determine exact set of LOW data rates according to their needs 
(e.g. for CubeSats) (NASA)
?       LC-members formulate their application-priorities for LC (e.g. 
Cubesats, NanoSats, ?), and their constraints
?       LC-members comments on ?beacon wavelength L-Band AND/OR ~1?m
?       Check and comment on SONET-rates / 10Gbps /  alternatives, 
identify needs to use either
?       Develop detailed agenda for April meeting in Cleveland


Dr. Harald Hauschildt
Head of GovSatCom and Secure Communication Section (TIA-TIS)
acting EDRS System Manager (TIA-PRS)
ESA - European Space Agency

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