[SLS-OPT] Folders for draft CCSDS SLS-OPT books

Braatz, Lena [USA] braatz_lena at bah.com
Wed Jul 15 19:10:08 UTC 2015

Dear SLS-OPT members,

It turns out that there is a folder called "Draft Documents" already on our SLS-OPT website. According to the "Read Me" file present in that folder, the CCSDS desires that we create a sub-folder for each publication or standard that is being worked on. I have set up the following sub-folders for our group within the "Draft Documents" folder:

*        Optical Communication Coding and Synchronization Blue Book

*        Optical Communication Physical Layer Blue Book

*        Real-time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Green Book

We will use a consistent file naming convention for our books for easier identification and configuration management. Please place the most recent version of your draft CCSDS documents in the corresponding folder, using the following file naming convention for draft blue books (Note that proposed draft CCSDS blue books are called white books):



*        regime is "HPE," "HDR," or "LC"

*        layer is "Coding" or "Physical-layer"

*        agency is NASA, ESA, etc.

e.g., HPE-Coding-NASA-white-book-2015-07-15.docx.

The Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Green Book team will use a similar, but simpler file naming convention that includes the date of each draft version.

Please use hyphens, not spaces, in file names. Please let me know if you have any questions or experience any issues using the new folders or file naming convention.

Thank you,

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Lena Braatz
Office 434-973-4453
braatz_lena at bah.com

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