[SLS-CC] TC coding blue book (231.0-B), new draft

Massimo.Bertinelli at esa.int Massimo.Bertinelli at esa.int
Mon Jan 27 08:36:36 UTC 2020

Dear all,

Ken provided a new draft version of the TC Coding Blue Book (231.0-B), 
following action AI_19_16.
The main change, discussed and agreed in Darmstadt last year, is about the 
order inversion of encoding and randomisation when LDPC coding is used.
Ken also added an annex with PICs. I don't remember whether this was 
agreed (and I don't have any evidence in my minutes) but of course I could 
have simply forgotten. In any case,
we should have a look and discuss about it.
Could you please send your comments by Monday 2 March (4 weeks from now, 
as agreed in AI_19_17)?
Following this deadline and based on the comments received, I will trigger 
the process for the Agency Review.

Best regards,

Massimo Bertinelli
Communication Systems Engineer

Tel. +31 (0)71 5653435
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