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Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Feb 20 08:48:17 EST 2009

At 08:06 PM 2/19/2009, Kazz, Greg J wrote:
>Go to SIS-IPO then to Draft Documents or use the URL below:
>The file name is: 702x1r3[final]_Feb19_09_gjk.doc

Greg: as you know, the IOAG has chartered a Space Internetworking 
Strategy Group (SISG) to develop the recommended approach for 
transitioning the international community towards an internetworked 
space communications architecture. I think that there is a potential 
SISG issue with the direct multiplexing of IPv4 datagrams into CCSDS 
frames ("Method-1" on page 1-1 of the draft).

The SISG discussed this yesterday on a videoconference and I believe 
that the emerging consensus is that direct IPv4 multiplexing should 
not be cross-supported by the IOAG agencies. Basically, the 
provisional recommendation is that all Network layer data structures 
(e.g., Ipv4, IPv6 and BP/LTP) should use the Encapsulation service.

This is not an issue with the CCSDS standard (which describes a 
technical capability), but an issue with how the standard will be 
applied in operational, international cross support. However, we need 
to think-through whether (as a minimum) we should add some wording to 
the Draft Red Book to point-out this operational constraint, or 
whether we should even go far as to remove the direct multiplexing 
capability for IPv4.

I'd like to get the sense of the IPO working group about how to 
handle this. We also have a private SISG meeting scheduled for 16-17 
April in CO Springs and I think that we should plan on having you 
participate in that meeting to make sure that we don't have any 
IOAG/CCSDS disconnects prior to finalizing the IP-over-CCSDS Links document.

Best regards

Adrian J. Hooke
Chairman, CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG) and
CCSDS Technical Liaison to the IOAG
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Washington, DC 20546-0001
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