[Sea-sa] Updated RASDS++ viewgraph package

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 15 22:32:19 UTC 2023

Dear SEA-SA RASDS++ Fans,

On 11 Sep 23 we had a RASDS++ working session. We discussed a number of topics that I will not enumerate now.  Many of them resulted in minor updates scattered across the attached PPT file, which contains the diagrams, and associated text, for inclusion in the updated document.

There were specific requests made of several of us:

  *   Peter, finish the update to the text and send the file out (attached).  Put in CWE.
  *   Shelbun & Christian, review the PPT file for consistent use of terms, definitions, representations, etc
  *   Fred, review Enterprise viewpoint in detail
  *   Fred & Ramon, review the Services viewpoint in detail to ensure that it meets SC14 needs
  *   Costin, review Operations viewpoint in detail
  *   Ramon, review Physical viewpoint, in detail, and check descriptions of derived Communications and Structural viewpoints to ensure that it meets SC14 needs

  *   I would like to get these reviews done before the next working meeting, which is on 9 Oct.  Please try to make this happen.

We discussed the assortment of reviews that we might involve in this.  There is a sort of defined order, and some adjustments we wish to make:

  *   Within the WG itself
  *   With the ISO TC20 / SC14 who is collaborating with us
  *   With the other CCSDS Areas (either as part of the CESG review or prior to that)
  *   With the space agencies, as part of Agency review
  *   With external groups or experts (in parallel with Agency review)

I have already enlisted one very senior outside reviewer, Rich Hilliard, editor of ISO 42010, and will contact others shortly.


Thanks, Peter
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