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That's great. I was a contributing co-author to (3), so I'd love to be involved in any related activity. 

It is on my focus area https://purl.org/space-ontology. 
I have suggestions for improving it's current state. 
I also have in-progress extension and formalization work for it.
Related personal projects is on terminology synchronization across spaceflight related vocabularies.

As personal projects, would there be interest and mechanisms in formal supporting this work to work together on it?  (Please reach out to me if so, and with interest)

Robert Rovetto
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Dear SEA-SA team,
Over the last few months Fred Slane has beenleading a small team to develop a paper that ties together (1) the CCSDS Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems (RASDS) extension work, (2) a new NASA Handbook 1005, Space Mission Architecture Framework (SMAF) Handbook for Uncrewed Space Missions, and (3) ANSI/AIAA S-153-2021, Human Spaceflight: Spacecraft Architecture and Systems Engineering Ontology .  All three of these utilize and reference the ISO/IEC 42010 standard, Systems and software engineering — Architecture description.   Each of these standards apply in different ways to the ISO 42010 meta-model and they align in some interesting ways.
This topic came up tangentially in yesterday’s SEA-SA working meeting on the RASDS extensions, where we are updating the document and adding new viewpoints for the Operations, and physical / structural aspects that ISO TC20/SC14 cares about.   Fred and I thought it sufficiently interesting to pass along to you.  It is being presented at the 2022 SciTech Forum. 
Do let us know what you think.
Regards, Peter
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Hi All, 
I just updated one of our author's details.  Here is the final, final, final version.

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Thursday, 02-Dec-2021 

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