[Sea-sa] Question - How to help with the work on SANA glossary

Robert Rovetto ontologos at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 18:32:06 UTC 2022

How can people be involved with the SANA glossary work?
For example, is there a dedicated collaborative platform, site, or list for contributing to help with the SANA glossary work?
For reference, the CCSDS portal the task reads: "The current SANA Glossary is assembled from terms defined in all of the other CCSDS documents. Since there have not been policies for aligning the use of terms, and WG tend to operate in isolation, the end result is that there are often instances of the same term being re-defined (slightly, or more drastically), and there are a number of instances where the same term is defined very differently. This effort will identify the worst of these instances and then work with the other affected WG to bring the terms into alignment."
Some of my focus areas, last studies, and work are relevant to that effort, so I'd like to directly be involved if possible.I have a living catalog of astronautical terms/definitions that may be of interest, and has overlapping goals, e.g., terminology synchronization/harmonization, definitional comparison, terminology refinement, and recommendations. Thus far, I have some recommendations for SANA and other glossaries. 


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