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Mon Sep 27 22:21:31 UTC 2021

Dear SEA colleagues,

As you all know we will again be meeting virtually.  With the fall CCSDS meetings to be held remotely, it was decided to allow three weeks for the Technical Meetings again. The dates will be as follows:

Technical Meetings: 18 October – 5 November 2021
CESG Meeting: 15-16 November 2021

You can expect that the various SEA WG chairs will schedule their meetings to fit within this time frame.  It has not yet been finalized, but there is likely to be a full CCSDS Virtual Plenary scheduled on 19 Oct.  Stay tuned for more info on this.

I do not plan to have an SEA opening Plenary, the virtual Plenary will have to suffice.

I do wish to have an SEA Closing Plenary on 9 Nov 2021.  Only the SEA WG chairs and deputy chairs are required.  All others may, of course, attend if you wish.  Watch for a posted WebEx schedule.

For those of you who participate in the SEA Systems Architecture WG we will have one series of meetings to make progress on the RASDS updates that are in work.  Because a number of the participants in this are also involved in other meetings I will send out a Doodle Poll to pick three optimal dates.  The SCCS-ARD update meetings will just continue on the same once/month schedule as they have.  The next two are 4 Oct and 1 Nov.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Best regards, Peter

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