[Sea-sa] file transfer protocol for D-DOR raw data files

Felix.Flentge at esa.int Felix.Flentge at esa.int
Wed Feb 24 10:30:27 UTC 2021

Dear John,

as far as I know there are simple scripts doing parallel sftp transfers.


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SEA-SAWG colleagues ---
At our telecon on 1 February, we discussed the possibility that transfer 
of Delta-DOR raw data files might not be done using the upcoming 
Terrestrial Generic File Transfer (TGFT) because TGFT may levy unnecessary 
(from the D-DOR perspective) file ?wrapper? requirements and may not meet 
the throughput needed to move the extremely large D-DOR raw data files. 
It was mentioned that the D-DOR community was already using a file 
transfer protocol that was better suited to their purposes, one that used 
multiple concurrent connections to achieve the desired throughput.
Do any of you know anything about such a file transfer protocol being used 
for D-DOR? If so, could you please send whatever information you have to 
Thank you.
Best regards,
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