[Sea-sa] Brief minutes from SEA-SA RASDS working meeting on 13 Dec 21

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 14 19:57:18 UTC 2021

SEA-SA RASDS working meeting on 13 Dec 21

Attendees: Kirschbaum, Krosley, Radulescu, Shames, Slane, Stangl

Review of revised Operations Viewpoint – Peter Shames, Fred Slane, Alan Kirschbaum

  *   Reviewed the file “SEA SAWG RASDS Update Views 8Dec21” that was edited based on an interim discussion with Fred and Alan.
  *   Discussed the revised set of selected definitions of operations terms which were discussed in side meeting.  The clear understanding is that we need a consistent set of terms that we can all agree upon and that have good provenance and alignment with common usage in our space operations domain.
  *   Christian pointed out that the European agencies have a different set of terms and he showed the ECSS document that defines these.  After review it was determined that these ECSS terms are focused narrowly on space mission monitor and control and AIT, and not on the broader context we are trying to address, which can include launch, on-orbit, human exploration, etc.
  *   After some further discussion it became clear that we needed to explicitly incorporate concepts for events, time, and “sequence of events” (SOE).
  *   Furthermore, we realized that the activities (or tasks) reflected in Process activity diagram could all have start times, end times, or durations associated with them, and further, that there could be both a “planned SOE” and an “actual or observed SOE”.  In fact, the comparison of planned vs actual is a typical mission activity.

Next Steps Discussion – Shames

  *   Peter asked if there were issues with the proposed approach, none were identified.
  *   Peter agreed to update the items that we agreed to in an revised set of slides for the VP under discussion.
  *   That updated file is attached here.  Look specifically at pgs 60 – 66 (especially new page 65).  Pg 63 still needs to be updated.

Next Working Meeting, 10 Jan 2022 @ 0700 AM PDT

  *   Briefly review these notes
  *   Review updated diagrams and representation approaches for Operations viewpoint
  *   Review in detail the Enterprise viewpoint for consistency with the other viewpoints
  *   Review the entire package for consistency of topic coverage and presentation across all of the RASDS++ viewpoints (please read & review for consistency prior to the meeting)

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