[Sea-sa] Folders for SEA-SA meeting materials

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 12 01:56:55 UTC 2020

Dear SEA SAWG colleagues,

I have just create a new folder for the Fall 2020 SAWG meetings.  It contains the overall agenda file and also two folders, one for the RASDS work and one for the SCCS work.  Please upload any of your meeting materials to the appropriate   folder.


Since all of this work is part of the SEA SAWG program, and some of us are participating in both of these projects, I would like to just use the one SEA-SA mailing list.  If you know of  colleagues who were at the meetings, or wish to participate or observe, please ask them to go to https://mailman.ccsds.org and sign up.

We will use these folders to  accumulate all presented materials during the next six months leading up to the next working meeting.  As we create draft documents that are ready for broader review and to enter the more formal process we will put them into an appropriate document folder in the Draft document hierarchy.


Thanks, Peter

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