[Sea-sa] Minutes of 12 May 2020 telecon re ASL PIDs and RIDs

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue May 12 18:47:09 UTC 2020


Thanks again for your support of the ASL PID and RID review session.  I think we made excellent progress.  My abbreviated notes are attached.  The first edited spreadsheet, with updates, has been loaded onto the CWE website with a new date.  The actual PDF version of the ASL document that the CESG reviewed had been out on the website since 4 May.  It is the PDF file named "371x0g0_CESG_Approval".  All of the page and section references are to this document.

Attendees: Peter Shames, Ramon Krosley, Roger Thompson, Yonghui Huang, Eric Poole, Liangqing Lu


  1.  Status of "MO 2.0": We now understand that this is best described as a shift toward greater simplicity, probably effected by changes to the COM object model and possibly the MAL.  Key issues driving this are complexity, limitations in the COM object model, and complexity of the MAL interfaces.  There are potential changes to the COM, object IDs, and registries of such items.   This is not yet anything like a complete or accurate picture of what might occur.  There is a potential impact to the MPS as well, which has run into COM limitations.
  2.  Agreement to just add a note to the ASL that reflects that this work is underway, but to otherwise not try and reflect what might occur in this document.
  3.  Agree to the major PID from EJB to the effect that the document is now structured, sub-optimally, around these two areas MOIMS and SOIS rather than the sets of related functions. In almost every instance references to MOIMS will be converted to "Mission Operations (MO) functions" and references to SOIS will be converted to "Spacecraft Onboard (SO) functions".  We will still have references to the areas in the intro and to the MO framework, where needed.
  4.  Agree to add these abbreviations to the Acronym table in the document.
  5.  Next meeting will be this Thursday, 14 May.  We will continue with the MO/DSS spreadsheet and then move to the DSB and SO versions.
  6.  Once we are done with this all spreadsheets will be merged and sorted to ensure that there are no overlap issues.
  7.  If needed we will schedule a follow up working session on Thursday, 21 May, at the same time slot.
  8.  Agree to produce an edited Word document that includes all of the needed changes and to send that back to the CTE, Tom Gannett.  This is in preference to handling changes in a From: / To: format.
     *   To allow working in parallel the final set of edited spreadsheets will be sent to the CESG and the other reviewers, seeking concurrence
     *   PS to tackle the overall MO/SO editing changes and those related to security and other global topics
     *   RT to then tackle the overall MO set of changes
     *   RK will then tackle the overall SO set of changes
     *   The WG will review and concur on the combined final before it is sent back to the CTE and the CESG for final approval and forwarding to the CMC for publication

Best regards and take care, Peter

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