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Tue Jul 7 16:38:55 UTC 2020

Dear Marek,

I am not at all surprised that you are having internal discussions within ESA, and I hope that you can reach some sort of consensus position that you can all stand behind.  I recognize that there are some inevitable differences of opinion between those who understand how spacecraft systems must be constructed, driven toward safety and adequate performance given limited resources, and those who approach the problem from the viewpoint of ground data systems where constrained resources are less of a problem, a reboot is just a button away, and system security in a networked world becomes a major concern.  There is, in my opinion, a hugely different set of perspectives that must be adopted in these two very different deployment domains.

I will give you another week on this.  At that point in time I think we need to move ahead to publish this document whether you have reached an internal ESA agreement, or not.  I do want to remind you, and the rest of the participants on this email thread, that this is a CCSDS overview document, it is only a descriptive Green Book, and as such has no normative weigh within CCSDS.  It's intent is to help people understand how a set of standards may be used together and how they are expected to evolve.  As a consequence, there is not a single "shall" or "must" in this document.

Thanks for reaching out.  And good luck.

Best regards, Peter

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Final edits of ASL ADD GB ready for review

Dear Peter,

Thanks very much for addressing my comments in the updated version of the document. We have still have some internal discussion at ESA and despite my effort we did not manage to conclude by today. Please would you give me one more week? I am really sorry for this.

Best regards

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Date:        23/06/2020 23:25
Subject:        Final edits of ASL ADD GB ready for review

Dear SEA SAWG and other ASL reviewers,

The three editors of the ASL ADD GB (Krosley, Thompson, Shames) have completed our work of updating the document to resolve issues raised in the CESG review and also issues raised by other reviewers.  All of these files are now out in the SEA SA CWE area.  The final document, in Word and PDF form, is to be found here:


The separate files of revised figures for the SO materials are in that folder as well.  The files of revised figures for the MO materials are in a separate location:


A version of the Word doc that has track changes on (371x0g0_PID dispositions 22June20 track final) is to be found in the following folder along with other work products including the tracking spreadsheet where we recorded the SAWG resolutions and the final status:


The final copy of that tracking spreadsheet is attached here so that you can easily determine the status of your PIDs and/or RIDs.  All of the raw and transcribed RID & PID files, in various states of completion , are also in that folder.

All of the changes to this document, as you will see from the raw, track changes, version of the Word doc are extensive in scope.  There is hardly a page that did not get touched.  That said, these changes, for all their breadth, are not "deep".  They are largely editorial and for clarity rather than to effect any substantive change in meaning or scope.  However, because of their extent we do not think it appropriate to just ask to send this directly to publication.  Accordingly, we are asking that the SEA SAWG, and the reviewers who submitted PIDs or RIDs, review this final document and either concur with the changes, as made, or request further clarifications/adjustments.

We ask that you provide a response no later than two weeks from today, close of business, West Coast time, 7 July 2020.  If you do have issues or concerns please record them in the "Reclama" column, col J, of the attached tracking spreadsheet.

Thanks for your time and support, Peter

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