[Sea-sa] Briefing materials for next Monday's SCCS-ARD telecon

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Tue Dec 29 23:57:09 UTC 2020

SEA-SAWG colleagues ---
I have uploaded to the CWE a Powerpoint presentation containing the material that I proposed to present and discuss at next Monday's SCCS-ARD telecon. It is in the SCCS-ARD Working Meeting Minutes folder that Peter established:

The bulk of the presentation addresses the approach that we discussed in our December telecon whereby the specification of the relationships among the services and the protocols that support them would be more fully documented in section 6, in order to allow the specifications in sections 4 and 5 to be simplified. The presentation also carries over a topic that we didn't have time to discuss in December, and adds a new issue regarding the absence of ABA Space User Node requirements in section 4.

Best wished for the new year!

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