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Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri May 3 18:13:50 UTC 2019

Dear SEA SAWG members,

We are meeting this coming week in Mt View, at the Ames Research Center.  The meeting is scheduled for all day Wednesday, 8 May 2019, starting at 0845.  We also have the room scheduled for Thursday, 9 May, 0845 -1230, but I have a conflict (as usual) in that I must present the opening materials at the Boot Camp.  The room will be available and anyone who wants to use it to make progress is welcome.  I do expect to be available from 1030 AM on, on Thursday.

Roger, Ray, and I have been busily working on the text and figures of the document.  We have also been reviewing the "3 Cases" diagrams with other MOIMS and SOIS members. There is a quite complete draft now available in the CWE at:


Look for the most recent one, named: "ASL-ADD Clean Draft L 29Apr19 RWK-accept".  It still contains some comments, and there are some known issues which we will discuss, but it is substantially complete and, I think, quite readable.  What I would like to ask all of you to do is to download this version, read it through, and come to the meeting prepared to provide feedback.  I'd like to get your specific comments on the following:

  1.  Does this cover the topics you expected this ASL ADD to cover?
  2.  If there are topics missing, what are they?
  3.  Is it sufficiently clear and readable?
  4.  Are the materials that are presented consistent and are the relationships among objects that appear in different viewpoints clear?
  5.  Any other feedback?

The proposed agenda for the meeting is as follows:

0845       Introduction and call to order, agenda review
0900       Start document review

  1.  Sec 1, Intro, 15 min
  2.  Sec 2, Background, 15 min
  3.  Sec 3, ASL views and conventions, 30 min
  4.  Sec 4, Functional, MOIMS 60 min, SOIS 30 min
  5.  Sec 5, Information, MOIMS 30 mi, SOIS 20 min
  6.  Sec 6, Service, MOIMS 20 min, SOIS 10 Min
  7.  Sec 7, Communications, MOIMS 30 min, SOIS 30 min
  8.  Sec 8, Physical, MOIMS 30 min, SOIS 20 min
  9.  Sec 9, Deployment, MOIMS 20 min, SOIS 10 min, 3 Cases 30 min
  10. Sec 10, Implementation, MOIMS 20 min, SOIS 20 min
1700       Wrap up discussion

Of course, there will be the usual lunch break as well, I just did not show it.  What I hope we can do is to go through every section and ask for specific feedback about issues.  This will require keeping discussion to a minimum and staying on track, so it is really important that you have formulated your feedback ahead of time on any sections that are a concern.

Thanks, and see you all in Mt View.

Safe travels, Peter

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