[Sea-sa] Rough notes from the 18-19 Oct 2018 SEA SAWG working meetings

Shames, Peter M (312B) Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 29 23:58:04 UTC 2018

Dear SAWG,

What follows are my somewhat smoothed over notes from the SAWG meetings held on 18 & 19 Oct 2018.  I may have some of the attendees listed incorrectly, please provide updates as needed to this and to the notes themselves.  Any items in the following notes shown => like this should be treated as action items.

Thanks, Peter

SAWG Working Group - 18 Oct 18
Attendees: Peter Shames (chair), Roger Thompson, Ray Krosley, RSA (3), Yonghui Huang, Xiongwen He ISSE/CAST, Yuxia Zhou, Liangqing Lyu, Nestor Peccia

  *   The draft document is still missing intro and security sections, this is mostly on Shames
  *   MOIMS fig 2-1, abstract to concrete transformation needs to distinguish these two attributes, now look the same
  *   SOIS fig 4-12, add EDS as a separate object that defines the device access services
  *   => Ray to create a new diagram, like Roger's, for the SOIS DoT / EDS transformations
  *   => need to explore the relationship between MOIMS Sat DB & XTCE and SOIS EDS & DoT.  XTCE does not have components nor events.
  *   => Data Archive Storage ought to include data preservation, need to ensure that is so
  *   => Note in Ops Prep that Commercial Sat providers may build their own component databases across missions and the SOIS EDS could be used to document components and congifuraiton / deployment
  *   Identify that in fig 5-3 the ident & def are static / config and the instances and activities are dynamic
  *   => Roger Add new MPS patterns, include activity / plan evolution
  *   => SOIS fig 5-9 needs to be redrawn, overlaps of package (0..1, and 0..*) are confusing
  *   => SOIS fig 5-13 names “services” should name data objects
  *   => SOIS fig 5-8 needs to have “deployment” added, new capability
  *   => SOIS needs to add deployment description and also to add something about ontology extension mechanisms
  *   MPS is producing an info model and the possibility of using XML data format exchanges
  *   => Sec 7, confusion about FAS vs FTS in Roger’s diagram fig 7-12
  *   => Fig 7-14, add MAL Bridge function in middle box to represent that actual transformation required between to transfer/MAL mappings
  *   => Fig 7-20, the SSI example is a little screwed up, router ought to be a part of S/C
  *   => Fig 7-21 needs to be accurately re-drawn to show an SM&C to Command adapter on the ground
  *   => Fig 7-22 needs to be accurately re-drawn to show an SM&C to Command adapter in the S/C
  *   => PS, Roger, Ray Need to sort out the Sec 7.3 and Sec 7.5 E-E diagrams to get the MOIMS / SOIS balance and representation correct
SAWG Working Group - 19 Oct 18
Attendees: Peter Shames (chair), Roger Thompson, Ray Krosley, RSA (3), Yonghui Huang, Xiongwen He ISSE/CAST, Yuxia Zhou,

  *   Document Planning …
  *   Ray to update SOIS materials and some integrated sections
  *   Roger to update MOIMS and review integrated sections
  *   Peter to update his sections and then do editorial review of the whole doc
  *   => Editing Schedule :
     *   Roger: draft text by mid-late Nov,  available this week (end 26 Oct), then 2 weeks off (ending 9 Nov), then available till Xmas, off from mid Jan to end Feb
     *   Ray: work around Roger, will work starting next week (start 26 Oct)
     *   Peter: assume start mid Dec
     *   Distribute completed draft to the rest of the WG by mid Jan
  *   Discussion of EDS, XTCE, integration into MOIMS, role in DAI and archival, common terminology
  *   Understanding that the EDS & DoT, with configuration extensions, can support S/C integration and delivery of configuration from S/C vendor / integrator
  *   => SAWG agrees to function as sounding board for SOIS YB feedback, include Sam Cooper and Richard Melvin.  Notes sent out on 27 Oct, feedback from Ray and Richard.
     *   Roger will talk to Sam separately about this
  *   ISSE/CAST has implemented the full SOIS suite, including the Silverized docs, in their architecture, and used SPP, but across nodes ran into APID namespace issues, current work uses UDP/IP

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