[Sea-sa] Revision: SEA System Architecture WG - draft agenda, CCSDS working meetings, 09-10 May 201

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed May 3 23:21:44 UTC 2017

Dear SEA SAWG members,

Based on feedback from Ray, here is the (revised) draft agenda.  Please provide any other feedback.

Tuesday, 09 May

·         Review working agenda
·         Review Green Book outline and proposed contents
·         Identify any remaining gaps
·         Review MOIMS materials and identify any remaining issues or gaps
·         Assemble MOIMS materials into GB mock-up

Wednesday, 10 May

·         Review updated SOIS materials and identify any remaining issues or gaps
·         Assemble SOIS materials into GB mock-up
·         Discuss MOIMS / SOIS overlap / integration approaches
·         Revise GB as needed to reflect outcome of discussions
·         Review materials for MOIMS / SOIS joint discussion

Please let me know if you have any proposed adjustments to this agenda.

During the working meetings we expect to have at least one side session with the SOIS and MOIMS teams to review our progress.  I expect that we will have a short joint session, probably on Thursday, and possibly a longer working session with SOIS as they refine their future directions.  A side meeting with the MOIMS DAI WG is also expected, but I hope to do that early in the week, on Monday.

Thanks, Peter

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