[Sea-sa] Folders for meeting and telecon materials

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Apr 13 00:26:28 UTC 2017

Dear SAWG,

I just went looking for the most recent materials from our telecons and realized that I had not yet created any folders for them.  If such a thing happens in the future please feel empowered to create the relevant folders.

Look here:


For meeting materials folders.  There is now one for 2017 containing one for Telecons and one for the Spring face to face meeting.  Please upload your latest telecon materials to the appropriate folder and plan to load the materials that are prepared for the meeting (or edited during the meeting) as well.

I also created an ASL GB folder in the “Draft Documents” folder.

Thanks, Peter

PS – I recall Roger saying something about “I could not find a folder so I put my materials here.”  I just cannot discover where “here” is, but I did discover some of Ray’s 2017 materials in the 2016 folder.
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