[Sea-ia] Registry and Repository Reference Model Draft White Book

Hughes, John S john.s.hughes at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 7 16:55:16 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Attached for your review is the "CCSDS Registry and Repository Reference Model", Draft White Book, April 7, 2009. This document references the "CCSDS Registry Information Model", September 17, 2008, Draft White Book, Version 0.080303, which is also attached. 

The Registry and Repository Reference Model White Book has been updated as suggested at the Oct 2008 CCSDS meeting. In particular the Extrinsic Objects, Federation, API, and Life Cycle Management sections have significant changes. In general the focus on ebXML has been reduced so that it is now considered a "bench mark to beat", especially with regard to the information model.

To help orient the reviewer, a key viewpoint is presented in the JAXR Overview Section 7.2, "JAXR does not define a new registry standard. Instead, this standard Java API performs registry operations over a diverse set of registries and defines a unified information model for describing registry contents. Regardless of the registry provider, applications use common APIs and a common information model." In other words, the CCSDS document has evolved to focus on the JAXR API as a benchmark with the other aspects of the model supporting the JAXR API. The ebXML Reference Information Model (RIM) for example supports the JAXR API. 

Best regards,
Steve Hughes

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