[MOIMS] Space Life Sciences Data Standards BOF areas added to Docushare

John Garrett John.Garrett at gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu May 27 22:57:46 UTC 2004


As requested, I added areas to Docushare for the new MOIMS BOF  - Space 
Life Sciences Data Standards (SLSS).

As with the other areas the Chairman (Alan Wood) and Deputy(is there one 
yet?) is able to write to the public area and anyone including guests can 
read from the area.

The private area is managed by the Chairman and Deputy, it can be written 
to by anyone in the SLSS group and can be read by any CCSDS Participant who 
can login to Docushare.

I couldn't add Alan to the MOIMS list since I don't have the password for 
that.  Nestor, could you add him to that list.

Alan, should I request a CCSDS mailing list be set up (maybe 
MOIMS-SLSS)?  Do you have tentative members who should be added to the list?


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