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The CMC needs to decide whether to approve the "Producer Archive Ingest
Methodology Abstract Standard" (PAIMAS) as a CCSDS Recommended Standard or a
CCSDS Recommended PRACTICE at the CMC meeting starting on 24th May 2004. In
deciding this issue, the CMC should consult Issue-2 of the CCSDS Restructuring
document,"Restructured CCSDS Organization and Processes" (CCSDS A02.1-Y-2). This
was published by the Secretariat (April 2004) and contains more some explicit
guidelines for deciding whether a document should be a Standard or a Practice.


1. Last December, the CESG was unable to reach consensus on whether this PAIMAS
should be published as a CCSDS Recommended STANDARD (Blue Book) or a CCSDS
Recommended PRACTICE (Magenta Book). This issue was therefore referred to the

          Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 11:06:56 -0800
          From: "Adrian J. Hooke" <Adrian.J.Hooke at jpl.nasa.gov>
          FROM: CESG CHAIR
          CESG RESOLUTION, Tracking Number: CESG-03-016

          1. "The CESG recommends to the CMC that the MOIMS-DAI-WG document
          entitled 'Producer-Archive Interface Methodology Abstract Standard'
          (651x0b1-draft.pdf) should be published on the Standards Track and
          should be forwarded to ISO for balloting.

          2. HOWEVER, the CESG has been unable to reach consensus on which
          branch of the Standards Track this document should lie, i.e., whether
          it should be issued as a CCSDS Recommended Standard (Blue Book) or as
          a CCSDS Best Current Practice (Magenta Book). There is a minority body
          of opinion within the CESG that feels that, while the document has
          technical merit, it is insufficiently prescriptive to be a Recommended
          Standard. The CMC is therefore invited to decide whether this should
          be published as a Blue Book or a Magenta Book"

          Part of the reason that there is a disagreement is that the CESG
          believes that there currently isn't a clear enough distinction between
          the objectives of a Recommended Standard and those of a Best Current
          Practice. Accordingly, the attached draft "Pink Sheets" to the
          Restructuring Plan have been created in order to highlight this issue
          and to suggest a way forward whereby the CMC might amend the
          definition of the CCSDS document hierarchy prior to making the
          decision on how to publish the 'Producer-Archive Interface Methodology
          Abstract Standard'.

          Please forward this Resolution CESG-03-016, along with the attached
          draft Restructuring "Pink Sheets" to the CCSDS Management Council, and
          notify the CESG when the CMC takes action.

2. However, the CMC voting last December was inconclusive and the document has
been in limbo since that time. The Data Archive Ingest Working Group has
submitted the following rationale for why the PAIMAS should become a Blue Book:
     -- The DAI WG believes that it has met all the requirements. The two
     criteria specified in the CCSDS procedures manual, namely that comments
     have been properly handled and the appropriateness of 2 implementations is
     addressed satisfactorily.

     -- The DAI WG has always believed (during the 2 years -2002 / 2003-
     development)that the PAIMAS document was on the CCSDS Recommended Standard

     -- The DAI WG has completed all the steps for PAIMAS to become a CCSDS
     Recommended Standard.

     -- The CMC and CESG have up until now, even under the new organization, at
     least implicitly recognized that the PAIMAS work item was on the "CCSDS
     Recommended Standard" track.

     -- The CMC and CESG have previously distributed the PAIMAS document to all
     CCSDS Agencies and the general public for formal review to be a CCSDS
     Recommended Standard.

     -- The CMC has directed CESG to "maintaining backward compatibility and of
     not perturbing the installed base at all stages of development, unless
     specifically approved by the CMC."

     -- Even if CMC thinks CESG should be able to force track changes at the
     last minute, then the DAI WG believes that the PAIMAS work item still fits
     the criteria of a CCSDS Recommended Standard much better than it fits the
     criteria for a Recommended Practice.

3. In summary, there is no disagreement that the PAIMAS should be published on
the Standards Track. The question is whether the document contains a
sufficiently prescriptive set of requirements to be considered as a STANDARD, or
whether it lacks a strong prescriptive flavor and would therefore be more
correctly issued as a PRACTICE.

Best regards

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