[Moims-sc] MO Meeting #6, attempt #1

Churlaud Olivier Olivier.Churlaud at cnes.fr
Thu Sep 10 14:55:31 UTC 2020

Here what we discussed:


Limitation of the scope:

-        Short time to middle time past => Long time is done in the OIA WG

-        We don’t want to retrieve too many date (so that it doesn’t take 5 days to provide the data).


-        MNEMO

-        Definition

-        Value [ raw, converted, validity state ]
changes from definitions between t1 and t2
values of MNEMO from time t1 to t2
givevalue/def(MNEMO, t1)
Definition<MNEMO> <-- Value<MNEMO>  vs Service Object “Parameter”

Parameter with version
The only thing that would increase the version is a definition change.
Value object

Definition object

-        MNEMO (, Version)

-        Value [ raw, converted, validity state ]

-        MNEMO (, Version)

-        Definition

Remark: how to deprecate a MNEMO or a version that will never be used again?

Two options:

-        Create a versioning service external

-        Service Object Type <Parameter> = { name/id=MNEMO , versionTag<integer>=1 }

---- end of discussion ---

-----Rendez-vous d'origine-----
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Cc : Tiago Nogueira; Beisert, Stephen W. (JSC-CD441); Churlaud Olivier
Objet : MO Meeting #6, attempt #1
Date : jeudi 10 septembre 2020 09:30-11:00 (UTC-05:00) Est (É.-U. et Canada).
Où : Microsoft Teams Meeting

8/20/21  MEETING MOVED TO FRIDAY 8/21/2020 hoping that a couple others are available.  Will cancel sometime 8/20 if we can not confirm with Olivier.
8/12/2020  MEETING MOVED TO NEXT WEEK (Thursday August 20) SO MORE PEOPLE CAN ATTEND.  Sorry for the confusion.  Focus will be on specific technical details being developed.
No meeting on 8/5/2020 – several on vacation and Dan forgot to send the invite.
8/12/2020  We were going to do a live technical working session (so it may be very dry for some). No prep work really required.  Attendance is optional for the full team.
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