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Churlaud Olivier Olivier.Churlaud at cnes.fr
Fri Aug 21 14:54:59 UTC 2020

Dear all,

Find attached the file we worked on today.
For next week please read the Action service chapter (section 3.2) and pay specific attention to COM usages, events and activity tracking.

While making the table of the “Action” Service Object, I realized that, in my opinion, this object should not represent the “Type of Action” (e.g TEST_CONNECT) but the “action request” (e.g. the TEST_CONNECT action sent towards satellite 1, at time XYZ).
I would therefore have the “request identifier” we discussed on top of every other element in the table.

ð  This needs to be discussed next time.

I wrote several comments directly after the discussion, which are prefixed by “PROPOSITION (TBD)”. Feel free to disagree next week ☺

Best regards,

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Objet : MO Meeting #5A
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8/20/21  MEETING MOVED TO FRIDAY 8/21/2020 hoping that a couple others are available.  Will cancel sometime 8/20 if we can not confirm with Olivier.
8/12/2020  MEETING MOVED TO NEXT WEEK (Thursday August 20) SO MORE PEOPLE CAN ATTEND.  Sorry for the confusion.  Focus will be on specific technical details being developed.
No meeting on 8/5/2020 – several on vacation and Dan forgot to send the invite.
8/12/2020  We were going to do a live technical working session (so it may be very dry for some). No prep work really required.  Attendance is optional for the full team.
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