[Moims-sc] Updated MO Green book for WG review

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 7 19:27:57 UTC 2019

Hi Sam,


A copy of the document with my comments attached.


My general reaction is that it is more readable and consistent with MO Services as currently specified than the old GB – so a good piece of work.

I do have some observations which I have documented as comments in the attached.

Key points:

-          Lacks a conceptual “Rich Picture” that can get across the MO Concept for the non-UML literate.

-          I think you should pull out the Information aspect of MO Services – this is not really addressed:  each service has a set of Information Objects that represent the core Mission Operations information exposed at the Service Interface.  For M&C this is Parameters, Actions, Alerts, etc.; for MPS it is Activities, Events, Resources, Plans and Requests.  For NAV it would be the various data formats defined already: Orbit Data, Attitude Data, Tracking Data, etc.  I have an information viewpoint in my SEA Reference Architecture work which already identifies this for the MO Service domain.

-          We seem to have dropped some of the future roadmap MO Services that were identified in the previous GB.  I don’t think we should be dropping things from the future roadmap, even if we are not currently working on them: in particular where these are topics addressed in extant standards such as PUS, or identified within our CCSDS Level Reference Architecture.  In particular (as these are exposed to the space-ground interface and are significant Mission Operations topics:

o   NAV Services (overlaid on existing NAV data formats)

o   On-board Software and Configuration Management

o   Time Management Services

-          I think you could relatively easily tie the MO Concept in with the SEA System Architecture WG documents that outline how all CCSDS Standards play together:  the extant Space Communications Cross Support (SCCS) Architecture that defines how SLS, SIS and CSS Area standards play together; and the Application and Support Layer (ASL) Architecture that is essentially an Application Level reference architecture for Space Systems that shows how MO Services fit.  This is the document I am working on from a MOIMS (including MO) perspective.  This may help to show that MO is not an island with respect to other CCSDS standards.  A key aspect of this is to show deployment in terms of 3 main communications environments/contexts:  Ground Networks; Space Links and On-board.

-          In the above, and as part of the MPS WG activity, I have identified a number of common COM Object patterns for MO Service information objects.  These are found in the M&C Service and the basis of what we are doing in the MPS WG.  It may be useful to put this into the GB too (see below – I have text to go with it).






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Dear All,

Just a quick reminder for comments if you have them are due by the 8th.

Best regards,

On 14/02/2019 13:41, Sam Cooper wrote:

Dear All,

Please find below the link to the latest draft of the MO Concept Green Book for review:


Please could people provide comments etc by 8th of March in three weeks time. 

The contents of the book is 95% complete, just the future directions section to be expanded on, if people could suggest content for that as part of the review that would be very helpful. It is also not in official CCSDS format, but that is relatively easy to add at a later date.

I think Peter has done a great job in writing this, however it has taken far longer than we had hoped therefore I would like to suggest that I take over the editing/updating of the document from this point forward. If there is an issue with this suggestion please let me know otherwise I will assume that it is acceptable.

Best regards,


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