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Behal Brigitte Brigitte.Behal at cnes.fr
Sun Oct 28 15:22:10 UTC 2018

Dear SM&C WG,

During the MOIMS report presentation to CESG, the slide relating the non-consensus of the SM&C working group on the overlap between C2MS and MO standards led to many discussions. The CESG felt that the technical note written by DLR, CNES & ESA explained clearly their point of view about the overlap but that the complementarity of the 2 standards claimed on NASA side was not really technically demonstrated. Furthermore, to answer the European agencies' concerns about the promotion of MO standards and their potential uses by LOP-G, CESG suggested that the working group contact the JSC (Steve Beisert, the leader of the US control system for LOP-G called MCC-21) to introduce them the MO standards as mean of achieving international interoperability.
Therefore, the CESG issued the 2 following actions (exact wording to be found in final CESG MoM):

  *   SM&C Working Group chair to produce an analysis of the complementarity of the MO & C2MS standards

*         SM&C Working group chair to contact JSC with the support of the SM&C working group to promote MO services for "MCC-21" (S. Beisert)

Best regards,

Brigitte and Mario
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