[Moims-sc] Draft MO File services for discussion in Berlin

宮野 喜和 miyano.yoshikazu at jaxa.jp
Thu Oct 11 23:37:42 UTC 2018


I agree with your idea regarding use cases both in MO file services and CSS TGFT.

My concern is how to share information between SM&C and CSS, because
CSS area recognizes MO File Management Service as approved new project
in the level of CESG-to-CMC report. However, it is out of scope in document



On 2018/10/11 20:30, Sam Cooper wrote:

Hi Miyano,

Thank you for that, we'll certain look at this during the meeting.

The idea with the MO file transfer management services is that it provides a single service interface regardless of the actual mechanism required for the transfer (this is not currently shown in the document). So you would use it to "talk" CFDP over a space-link, possibly TGFT when transferring files to/from a ground station, possibly FTP in other ground parts etc.

Hope this helps,

On 11/10/2018 12:20, YOSHIKAZU MIYANO wrote:

| Sam-san,
| I have quickly checked the draft, because I cannot join discussion next Wednesday's morning.
| I have just one comment about File Transfer Service.
| File Transfer Service would be similar to TGFT (TERRESTRIAL GENERIC FILE TRANSFER)
| which is currently drafted in CSS SM WG and is described in IOAG service catalog #1, on the condition that interoperability is limited to ground-to-ground.
| My understanding is that TGFT is based on the HTTP PUT method  and the mechanism by which the injection to/from a CFDP entity is managed is out of scope.
| If use case is limited to monitor data transfer between grounds, there will be
| MO file services or TGFT.
| I suggest that SM&C will share information with CSS SM WG
| through joint meeting next May, because at least SM WG does not know our file services.
| The latest draft of TGFT
|  [https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Terrestrial%20Generic%20File%20Transfer/White%20Book/Drafts/927x01w0.8%20-%20Terrestrial%20Generic%20File%20Transfer.doc]
| Regards,
| Miyano
| On 2018/10/11 17:14, Sam Cooper wrote:
| | Dear All,
| |
| | Please find below the link to the draft of the MO File Management services document that we plan to discuss/review in Berlin next week:
| |
| |   [| |  [https://cwe.ccsds.org/moims/docs/MOIMS-SMandC/Draft%20Documents/Red%20Books/05%20File%20Services/MO%20File%20Management%20Services%20-%20Draft%20For%20Discussion%20-%202018.10.02.doc] | | ]
| |
| | This is a very early draft of these two services and therefore subject to change (which is the main purpose of the discussion in Berlin).
| |
| | Also, apologies for the late distribution of this.
| |
| | Best regards,
| | Sam.
| |
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