[Moims-sc] CCSDS MO Green Book draft for WG review

YOSHIKAZU MIYANO miyano.yoshikazu at jaxa.jp
Wed Oct 3 07:56:18 UTC 2018

Sam-san and SM&C Colleagues,

I had quick review for the draft from the viewpoint of readers
who will be not familiar with CCSDS MO.

4.3    The Common Object Model (COM)
4.4    The Common Services
I recommend you to draw simple diagram including COM services and
common services in chapter 4.3 or 4.4, because readers will have difficulty
in understanding these difference. Currently, readers can view the 
relation between
COM and Common in the diagram of 4.5 Full MO layering.

chapter 9.2  technology mappings
I recommend you to describe
4.2.1 Service Adaption Layer and 4.2.2 Message Abstract Layer also 
related to technology mappings ,
because reader try to understand it from protocol stack  as well as 3.4 
Technology Independence and Modularity.

The following issues are not related to G-4, but sharing information will be
necessary at least between MOIMS and CSS AD. From the point of cost 
project managers will hesitate to implement similar services in 
different approach.
As future work, GB should include what each standard can do or not.

1)Mission Operations Monitor & Control Services
CSS area has discussed service control architecture since last year.
Service control architecture aims to control ground stations based
on Functional Resource Reference Model Technical Note(MB in the future.)
On the other hands, CCSDS MO can theoretically control ground station
defined as instruments, though there is no use case regarding ground station
in MO GB.

CSS Area Control Architecture Initial Sketch (I could not follow the 
latest status.)

The latest draft of "Functional Resource Reference Model Technical Note"

2)MDPD and File services
which is described in IOAG Service Catalog #1.
This standard is to focus on transferring files and associated metadata 
ground systems. by using existing protocols such as HTTP.  TGFT might
be alternative for CCSDS MO in the cases of ground-to-ground exchange data.
The latest draft of TGFT

Best regards,


On 2018/10/02 22:27, Sam Cooper wrote:
> Hi Olivier,
> If you can send them to me before the meeting it would give us all time to review them, but if that's not possible we can see how we do for time on the day.
> Cheers,
> Sam
> On 02/10/2018 14:26, Churlaud Olivier wrote:
> | Dear Sam,
> |
> | How do you want us to proceed ? Should we review the word and transmit comments?
> | Or should we only prepare for the discussion during the WG sessions ?
> |
> | Best regards
> | Olivier
> |
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> | Objet :| [Moims-sc] CCSDS MO Green Book draft for WG review
> |
> | Dear All,
> |
> | Please find the link below for the updated draft Green Book for MO:
> |
> |  [https://cwe.ccsds.org/moims/docs/MOIMS-SMandC/Draft%20Documents/Concept%20Green%20Book/Green%20Book%20Outline%20R4%20Sept%202018.docx]
> |
> | The document is considerable advancement on the previous version, however it should be noted that this book is still a work in progress as it does not have any CCSDS book formatting or document boiler plate sections and three sections are still outstanding (sections 8 - Comms, section 10 - Future directions, and Section 11 Glossary of terms), they will be added once the meat of the document is complete
> |
> | There are also no diagrams in the document, it would have been helpful to have these there but it was felt that getting the structure and text of the document out for discussion was more important than spending time developing the diagrams. Once the document is more stable these will be added in.
> |
> | The current plan is to review the document at the Berlin meeting in two weeks, however this will be time limited so we will not be doing a page by page review, please have any areas you wish to discuss selected by then. We hope for an updated, correctly formatted draft before the end of the year.
> |
> | Best regards,
> | Sam.

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