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Subject:        [Cesg-all] CCSDS Review of CCSDS 523.2-R-1, Mission 
Operations Message Abstraction Layer­C++ API
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The following draft CCSDS Recommended Practice has been placed on 
line for CCSDS Agency review:

        CCSDS 523.2-R-1.  Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer--
                          C++ API.  Red Book.  Issue 1.  March 2017.

DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION:  This draft Recommended Practice defines a C++ 
API for the Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer specified in 
CCSDS 521.0-B-2.

The due date for receipt of review comments by the Review Coordinator 
is 2017-5-4.  Area Directors and WG/BOF Chairs may submit review 
comments directly to the CCSDS Review Coordinator.  More information 
is available at the Web site identified below.

The review document, in Portable Document Format (PDF), and 
associated review materials are available for downloading at the 
following location:



1  Per CMC Action Item CMC-A-2007-10-05, agency reviewers are reminded to
    review for compliance with the CCSDS Publications Manual as well as
    technical content.

2  Per CESG Resolution CESG-R-2008-10-006, the CESG no longer conducts
    pre-Agency-review reviews but is instead expected to participate in
    Agency reviews when they are announced.

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