[Moims-sc] [Moims-mp] Invitation: CCSDS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG Preparation Meeting (29 Oct 16:30 CET in web-ex)

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Wed Oct 21 15:11:30 UTC 2015

               Invitation: CCSDS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG Preparation Meeting
               29/10/2015 -                                            

  Mehran Sarkarati                                                     
                       has invited you to a meeting.  You have not yet 
               moims-mp at mailman.ccsds.org                              

   Dear all,                                                           
  As you may have followed, the poll for nomination of the chair and deputy
  chair of the CCSDS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG is still open. 
  In preparation for the Technical Fall Meetings in Darmstadt, Steve Chien
  (NASA-JPL) and myself are acting as interim organisers and have devised
  the following preliminary agenda, which we would like to review and  
  update together with you during this web-ex on 29 Oct.               
  The Mission Planning and Scheduling WG will meet on                  
  Wednesday 11 Nov 14:00 - 17:30                                       
  Thursday    12 Nov 08:45 - 16:00                                     
  Please make sure that you have registered on the CCSDS web-site for the
  MP WG meetings, if you are planning to attend the meeting.           
  Proposed Agenda:                                                     
  1. Introduction -  30 Min (Tour de table)                          
  2. Recap of the BOF meetings - Review of the Charter and White Paper - 30
  Min (Mehran and Steve)                                               
  3. Presentations from relevant use case domains (each 30 Min including
     NASA - Earth observation pointing - Steve Chien, Mission: Earth   
     Observing One                                                     
     ESA    - Earth Observation use case for ESA missions - Michael Koller,
     Steffen Dransfeld, Michele Zundo Mission: Sentinels               
     EUMETSAT- Meteorologic satellites mission Planning, Hayley Higgins,
     Mission (TBD)                                                     
     NASA -  Observatory Mission Planning - David Mittman,  Mission Spitzer
     ESA - Science Operations Planning for Observatory missions - Guillermo
     Buenadicha, Missions Gaia                                         
     NASA - Flyby mission planning - Steve Chien - Mission Cassini     
     ESA - Science Operations Planning for Planetary missions - Peter van
     der Plas/ David Frew,  Missions: ExoMars, Euclid                  
     ESA - Mission planning at MOC level for ESA deep space missions - 
     Bruno de Sousa, Gary Whitehead, Missions: VEX (or Cluster) and Gaia
     NASA - Robotic Servicing - Steve Chien, Mission: Orbital Express  
     NASA - Surface operations planning, David Mittman, Mission MSL    
     DLR - GSOC mission planning at GSOC. Christophe Lenzen, Mission EnMAP
     ESA - Constellations Planning case of Galileo - Boby Nejad, Mission:
     NASA - MRO Planning - Steve Chien,  Mission MRO                   
     ESA - Interfaces to the APSI generic  AI framework - Nicola Policella
     No Mission/Generic Planning infrastructure interfaces             
     ESA - Interfaces to ESA Generic Mission Planning Framework - Colling
     Haddow No Mission/Generic Planning infrastructure interfaces (TBD)
  4. Initial discussion on the relevant input to be taken into account for
  definition of the use cases in the green book - 2 hours              
  5. Discussion on how to organise practically the work on the green book
  (e.g. use of Google Drive) and assignment of Book Captainship (maybe per
  chapter?) to WG members - 30 Min                                     
  6. Agree on the date for the next web-ex                             
  7. On-the-fly generation and review of the report to the MOIMS plenary
  meeting - 30 Min                                                     
  8. AOB                                                               
  The order of the presentations is not fixed and we can move them after
  discussions on 29th.                                                 
  For the presentations, the focus will be on the interfaces to the mission
  planning, as this will be the initial concern of the WG. The desired 
  format is to start with a short overview of the planning process and go
  to the details of the interfaces (preferably bring example input/output
  files/formats, ...).                                                 
  Please let me know, if you would like to add any topic to the agenda of
  the web-ex or you would like to present a use case at the meetings in
  Kind Regards                                                         
  Mehran and Steve                                                     
  JOIN WEBEX MEETING                                                   
  Meeting number: 848 288 819                                          
  Meeting password: asdf1234                                           
  JOIN BY PHONE                                                        
  +44-203-478-5289 Call-in toll number (UK)                            
  Access code: 848 288 819                                             
  Global call-in numbers:                                              
  Can't join the meeting? Contact support here:                        
  IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that this WebEx service allows audio and
  other information sent during the session to be recorded, which may be
  discoverable in a legal matter. You should inform all meeting attendees
  prior to recording if you intend to record the meeting.              

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