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Sam Cooper Sam.Cooper at scisys.co.uk
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Dear All,


This is a quick reminder that there was a couple of actions on us all to
review the need for the access control service and also to provide use
cases for the configuration service. Specifically this would be how you
would expect to use the configuration service and what information you
would expect to see in it.


>From the minutes of the meeting (and as a reminder):


Access Control Service. This service is currently not in the book. The
basic idea of the service is to manage the access to functions. This
service is also considered as a way to match the new PUS-C feature to
manage compound checking functions. After some discussion, it was not
clear if this requirement is needed at all. 

Action 141111-01 ALL to provide SC with use cases that justify the need
for the Access Control Service. Due 10Dec14.


Configuration Service: Currently the service contains only 1 operation
to activate a given configuration. It was discussed if the service
should be expanded to include also other capabilities, for instance the
ability to ingest/deliver a specific configuration. Also, the
availability of a standard (file) format to hold the configuration could
be useful: in this way the service provider and consumer could be
automatically configure their ends. 

Action 141111-04 ALL, including the MOSSG, to provide SC with use cases
for the Configuration Service. Due 10Dec14.


Myself and Cesar have proposed a solution to the access control issue
with the mapping to PUS-C check protection so my immediate feeling is
that as Access Control is not a problem that we can quickly address if
we want to keep the moment going we should put it on the back burner for


Regarding Configuration, my idea is to have it such that you can request
from a service provider its configuration, that there would be a
standard format for that configuration, and that you can request the
configuration for a service provider that may cover several services
i.e. of the application rather than one specific service of that
application. Cesar has also suggested that the Directory service should
allow you to request the XML service specification which I also think is
a good idea. This fits with MOSSG's request for automatic configuration
of clients.


If you could send me any thoughts you have by the beginning of next week
that would help me a lot.


Best regards,





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