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Behal Brigitte Brigitte.Behal at cnes.fr
Tue Jan 6 22:15:48 UTC 2015

Hello Sam,
I wish you a happy New Year. May it be fulfilled with Peace and a lot of Happiness.
I have gone through your proposal and I have a few comments :

·         In the new PUS version the functional monitoring subservice can support conditional checking => should we not add a field "condition" to the new compoundCheckDefinition ?

·         To report the protection status of the compound check, why not add the field "protectChecklinks" to the checkSummary data structure ? It could then be reported by the getSummaryReport operation as it is done for the enable / disable status of the checklinks.

·         The status of a functional monitoring is set to "running" when the number of referenced checks that are simultaneously in violation is less than "minimumChecksinViolation"

·         When a new functional monitoring is created, PUS C indicates that the check state of the functional monitoring definition is set to "unchecked", the functional monitoring definition is disabled and, if the service supports this capability, the protection status is protected.

Furthermore, I do not understand how you can use the addparameterCheck operation to add a checklink to a compoundCheck. The objectDetails structure provided in input of the operation is supposed to contain the checkDefinition object InstId and the parameterDefinition object InstId and the output is supposed to be the InstId of the newly created checklink object.
In the case of a compound check,  how would that work ?

A last point that is not addressed by the modification that you propose :  in PUS C, the monitoring service is composed of 2 sub-services, the parameter monitoring sub-service and the functional monitoring sub-service. These 2 sub-services can be enabled / disabled independently of one another.
The operation enableService does not exactly perform the same function, because it enables / disables completely the check service.
Would it be possible to add an extra parameter to this operation in order to obtain the same behavior as PUS C ? In this case, the getServiceStatus should also be modified.

Best regards

B. Behal
Sous-Directrice Produits et Segments Sol (DCT/PS)
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Dear All,

Please find attached a short technical note describing the changes proposed to add in protection to Compound Checks. This is in response to my action (141111-02) from the London workshop.

Please send any comments by the end of Friday the 9th of January.

Best regards,


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