[Moims-sc] Update - OMG XTCE 1.1 to 1.2 Proposed Issues for your review

Jones, Ronald A. (GSFC-443.0)[ASRC MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC] ronald.a.jones at nasa.gov
Thu Nov 6 01:05:55 UTC 2014

SM&C Team,

Attached is an updated OMG XTCE 1.1 to 1.2 proposed changes (issues) spreadsheet.  The file sent in September contained 61 issues. The updated attached file contains 83 issues.
The additional 22 issues are: ESA (16 issues), CNES (5 issues), OMG SDTF (1 issues)

Some helpful information for reviewing the Issues Spreadsheet.
- You can view issues on OMG Website http://www.omg.org/issues/xtce-rtf.open.html
- Type of change: Editorial, Minor schema change, Major schema change
- Duplicate Issue numbers - occur due to grouping of related changes. They are highlighted in yellow.

The plan is to submit the official XTCE 1.2 Change Form to the OMB Architecture Board (AB) in February 2015 (was November 2014).

A tool will be developed to convert from XTCE 1.1 to XTCE 1.2 files.

-Ron Jones & Kevin Rice

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