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Dear all:
Out of the review of the test specifications and the Blue Book version G6, please find some questions for tomorrow’s meeting. This list is just for me not to forget, I will explain more in depth tomorrow.
·      PlanningRequestDetails does not contain key/version pairs, as per BB page 3-62. Point for BB discussion 05/07/22
[RST] This is correct.  The Identity of the Planning Request is assigned by the service Provider, but PlanningRequestDetails is used by the Consumer to submit the content of the Planning Request.  It does contain an optional reference to a Planning Request Definition.
·      InsertedActivityDetails are now an extension, shall I keep it this way? How is the InsertedActivityDetails called? Which ID is used? Do we need to call the full structure + the extension? Is it an instance or a Definition? Point for BB discussion 05/07/22
[RST] This is an oversight – MAL v2 does not permit extension of concrete data types.  We should change to make the InsertedActivityDetails an extension of ActivityDetails and repeat the attributes contained in SimpleActivityDetails.  It does not have an ID (as for all other cases of “details”) – the ID is assigned by the Provider after receiving the message containing the details.  The Response message of the InsertActivity operation returns the Identity of the ActivityInstance created.
·      How does a ResourceProfile refer a Resource? Added now a Resource entry in the data tables, with one entry. Point for discussion BB 05/07/22
[RST] A ResourceProfile has a top level ResourceProfile structure that contains ProfileSegments that contain ProfileEntries.  The Resource is referenced at the top level in the ResourceProfile structure as an ObjectRef to the Resource.
·      How is a RequestFilter be referred? All of its entries are nullable. But this is a structure used in the services (getRequestSummaries). Point for discussion in BB 05/07/22
[RST] A RequestFilter is only a data structure contained in specific service messages – it is not an MO Object that can be referenced.
·      Arguments and Arguments Definition. How is an Argument referred? The Argument Name is common to both. Is this discriminated based on the use? Point for clarification BB 05/07/22
[RST] Argument is referenced by Name in the context of an MO Object that has Arguments.  It is not a self-standing object with its own ID.  See Annex E for proposed Literal Representation of references to Arguments.

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