[Moims-mp] Some questions/points for MPS meeting 05/07/22

Guillermo Buenadicha Guillermo.Buenadicha at esa.int
Mon Jul 4 16:01:16 UTC 2022

Dear all:

Out of the review of the test specifications and the Blue Book version G6, please find some questions for tomorrow’s meeting. This list is just for me not to forget, I will explain more in depth tomorrow.

·      PlanningRequestDetails does not contain key/version pairs, as per BB page 3-62. Point for BB discussion 05/07/22
·      InsertedActivityDetails are now an extension, shall I keep it this way? How is the InsertedActivityDetails called? Which ID is used? Do we need to call the full structure + the extension? Is it an instance or a Definition? Point for BB discussion 05/07/22
·      How does a ResourceProfile refer a Resource? Added now a Resource entry in the data tables, with one entry. Point for discussion BB 05/07/22
·      How is a RequestFilter be referred? All of its entries are nullable. But this is a structure used in the services (getRequestSummaries). Point for discussion in BB 05/07/22
·      Arguments and Arguments Definition. How is an Argument referred? The Argument Name is common to both. Is this discriminated based on the use? Point for clarification BB 05/07/22



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